Reminder that /v/ does not actually support feminism and the whole reason any funding was given to this tumblr was so that Zoe and Co could not claim we hate women, even though we clearly do. This whole tumblr is just an ass-covering ploy for 4chan.


No anon, weren’t you at the secret 4chan meeting. This entire project is a false flag operation for our Zombie Hitler Dinosaur project. Currently /v/ scientists are resurrecting Hitler using the combined rage of all tumblr users as a power source for the arc of the covenant. Once resurrected we will put his brain into a cloned T-Rex and use our new master to take over the American government and force Ivan Drago to be president. Thus placing true fear in Putin’s heart and causing World War III.

That or they actually care about woman and have raised over 17,000 dollars just from their referral link. I have no idea why you think /v/ would actually care what tumblr thinks of them period.

  • Aug 24 23: 02:40 <Cyberserker> Okay
  • Aug 24 23: 02:43 <Cyberserker> Last question is from several people actually. I wanted to save it until the end due to how popular it was.
  • Aug 24 23: 02:44 <Cyberserker> "Would you say Zoe was a "big girl" for you?"
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  • Aug 24 23: 03:27 <Eron_G> she is heavier than people I usually date.